by Dylan Ewen

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Matt Politoski: Drums, Bass, Synth, Guitar, Vocals
Dylan Ewen: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by Matt Politoski
Mixed by Matt Politoski & Zach Weeks
Mastered by Zach Weeks

Cover Art by Zach Weeks


released November 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Dylan Ewen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Admit
I've changed a lot in the past year
Mostly for the worse
And it's unclear
But it still hurts

To feel ashamed
Suck it up kid
No one's gonna take
Your petty shit

I'm not sure what went wrong
Or how to admit
How much I hate
Feeling like this

Every day
Runs together oh well
Go tell your problems
To somebody else

I can't seem to decide
If I'm sick or not
I had a feeling
But I forgot

What it was like
Now it's coming on
I tell myself
To shake it off

I tell myself to shake it off
Track Name: Game
You're wasting your time on this game
Nobody likes to feel this way
You played it up and did the same
Exact thing as the people you hate

I've been waiting around
For you to come back down
But you're never gonna be the same
No you're never gonna be the same

Welcome to the part where you sink down
Like a stone into the ground
Covered up and forgotten
All you loved was not important

You got a lot of nerve
To tell me what I do and don't deserve
Track Name: Still
Scream into my hands
Cover up the noise
Think about cutting myself for attention

This day's been rough
But I've had worse
No use in holding on to resentment

Time sweeps along
Try to detach
Still I miss you and what we had

Try not to care
Try to relax
Still I got this feeling
Still I got this

I made up a plan
In my head
It all makes sense until when

I feel your body
Makes me fucking nauseous
Fist my palms and kick my legs
Track Name: You're Boy
You caught me off my guard again
Confused as to why you said what you said
And you say that I'm your boy
Then why do you treat me like a boor

I just wanna lay down next to you
Kill myself if you want me to
Rub your back, touch your chest
Kiss your neck

I bet you don't know what you want
And I'm looking in the mirror telling myself the same thing
Took me for a ride

What do I need from you
A sense of security and worth
I let you back into my bed
You cracked open my head

You drive me up against the wall
Ever since I saw you at the bottom of your college's
Residence hall
Sink me to hell