Mystery World

by Mystery World

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Dylan Ewen: Guitar, Vocals
Steffe Welton: Vocals
Cooper Leardi: Guitar
Sean Duffy: Bass
John Blank: Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Sean Duffy
Mastered by Zach Weeks


released October 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Dylan Ewen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Disobedience
I had a dream that I was Sylvia Plath
And that I liked to get fucked in the ass
I think that it's a sign
That I could bleed out and die and I wouldn't mind

Why does my mind ignore
Unlike all of those times before
When I was close to the edge and I thought
I could never bring myself to jump off

The breaks have become shorter between
Feeling alive and like I'm diseased
I'm always counting down the time it seems
Until I can forget and fall asleep

Vomit on me good, vomit on me like I told you to
It was fucked up when you snuck up into my room
And kissed me like you missed me or like I was supposed to miss you
But I don’t know you so what the fuck was I supposed to do

Slit my throat and drink my blood but that's too serious
I feel funny stuck with this eternal weariness
Stay in line or get hit for disobedience
Win a prize at the end but all the while it's meaningless
Track Name: Too Old
I'm way too old for this shit
I told myself I'd never quit
But I'm wrong all the time
My feelings change and I don't know why

Back to school, get made fun of
Told you're uncool, think about it nonstop
Find a way to pass the time
Then mom picks you up and I guess it's alright

MTV never did shit for me
Except make me sad that I couldn't be
What I saw, what I thought
Was fucking chill but was not

Never wanted help
From anyone except myself
Track Name: Do Whatever
Smash my legs with a hammer just to feel better
Once you're gone it's back to being alone forever
Feel kind of slow but I can't tell anyone
Keep my mouth shut so I don't have to talk

Feel pretty cold so I put on a jacket
Cover up my ears when I hear other people laughing
My body hurts a little bit but not as much as yours does
Still I count down the days until it seems okay to give up

A lot of people feel like they can do whatever they want
And I do too so I guess I'll shut up
Seems like life is guaranteed to be full of boredom
Make a few friends along the way get punished if you fuck up

And you still die in the end
Track Name: Possessions
Turn my face into a twisted ball
Whenever I hear you
Coming around the corner
Yelling like you're known to do

I know that I've seen you
In the face of my other friends
Empty and unsatisfied
You dye your hair again

So caught up but hardly torn up
You checked yourself into the hospital
They only took you cause they had to
They have to obey the law

But I'm not so quick to fall for your tricks
Or be fooled by your expression
I'm not impressed by your new makeup
Style or possessions
Track Name: Pill Friends
Satan is your master now
Well Satan is your master now
You can buy all the black clothes and CDs and shit
But you can never escape Satan's grip
Cause Satan is your master now

Turn on the TV
And tell me what you see
A world full of misery
Satan fucking demons and demons fucking me
Cause Satan is my master now

Satan is your master now

Fight for his cause
Give up on what you've got
No one will remember what you did when you're gone
Satan is your master now, Satan is your God

Satan is your God
Track Name: Stranger
Write through all your sadness
And all my fucking boredom
The power went out
And now I'm stuck in this darkness

Feeling fucking stupid
Like I've done this before
Like it's a chore
And it's fucking endless

He looks at me across the table
Says I look like a stranger
But I've read that one before
And I know the ending

As a child full of anger
Depressed as a teenager
Funny how I haven't changed
And those two are the same fucking thing
Track Name: Big Winner
I've got so much regret
That I can't even stomach it
I want to kill myself
Go to Hell and just be done with it

Give up like a winner
Jump off a building and wither
Dead like a dog
Then I'm gone with no answer

There is no fucking answer
For the way I feel right now
And I wish that it was easier to leave here
But I don't know how

People are so boring
And they bore me but whatever
For the rest of my life
Stuck inside my head until it gets dimmer
Track Name: Purest Moment Of Panic
This life is never ending
So why the fuck are we pretending
That we're going somewhere

My mom and dad don't understand
What it's like to want to be dead
But still be hanging on by a thread

And the purest moment of panic
Is when everything's alright

Everything exciting wears off quick
And the people that care about you really don’t give a shit
Cause you are stuck inside your head
Counting down the hours beside yourself

Give up and go home, alone
And suffer some more
You have no idea what you are or what it is you want

I've been through a few things
And a little pain
But it's not the same, no it's not the

Same thing as
This never leaving feeling of emptiness

Everything exciting wears off quick
And the people that care about you really don’t give a shit
Cause you are stuck inside your head
Counting down the hours beside yourself