The World Is A Gift

by Dylan Ewen

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Matt Politoski: Background vocals on Insect Rearing
Zach Weeks: Lead guitar on Mission Trip Remix

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Zach Weeks


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Dylan Ewen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Mission Trip Remix
In the shower looking at my friend's dick
Came here on a mission trip
This girl's telling me that she's not a virgin
And this hick is telling me about 50 Cent

Every day he calls me a fucking faggot
Tells me about how he watches porn with his dad
And his mom brings him popcorn and a sandwich
Well hey man who's the faggot now?

The kid with the dick tells me about his dad's friend
Who died cause he covered his body in deodorant
Every square inch so he couldn't sweat
Died cause it was too hot at this kid's dad's wedding

That's a pretty bummer way to go
This girl said I grabbed her ass in the swimming pool
I told her I was sorry that I didn't mean to
And I really didn't I was just playing around

You're the bummer on the mission trip
Cause you can't play drums good in the praise and worship band
And all you wanna do is hook up with Sarah
Or maybe her friend
Track Name: Insect Rearing
People are annoyingly nice
And you should stop buying shit off Amazon
I hate that I am a consumer
I hate that I get hungry cause then I have to buy food

Seems like the police kill someone new every day
I have an iPhone and my best friend is gay
I've done so much fucked up shit in my lifetime
That I'll never be cool in my own eyes

I beat my friend up cause he kicked my ass at Donkey Kong
I was forced to apologize to him by his mom
I cried when I spilt applesauce on his carpet
And his big brother told me don't be such a bitch

I am fake as fuck in case you didn't know
I lie to my friends about why I can't go to the show
I'm sick of bands with four major seven chords

My music will never be on the radio
I could give a fuck I've given up on being cool
I'll never be on a cable broadcast
And you can eat my ass