Cry Vomit Repeat

by Dylan Ewen

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Sai Boddupalli: Guitar arrangement on If I Was A Dog
Chris Geller: Bass on J.O.K.O.
Matt Hull: Trumpet arrangement on Mission Trip
Mike Nevin: Assistant mix engineer
Dylan Ewen: Everything else

Mastered by Zach Weeks


released 02 April 2015


tags: pop Boston


all rights reserved


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Dylan Ewen Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Divorce
Everybody's falling out of love
Getting divorced
And breaking up

It's hard enough to make it out by yourself
But add someone else
And it's impossible

Some people just need to be free
And if your parents do it don't worry
It's only d-i-v-o-r-c-e

Sometimes you just lose touch
You don't know why
You don't know what

Feeling insecure and full of shame
She's not the same
He's not what he said he was

Some people just can't seem to get along
That's when they call to break it off
And get a d-i-v-o-r-c-e
Track Name: If I Was A Dog
I wish I was a dog
Cause then I wouldn't have to think so much
Or maybe I would just be bored a little less
Cause I don't think dogs suffer from existential dread

But then again some dogs are depressed
They have to take medicine and write poems inside their dog heads
They probably really like Sylvia Plath
Taking Back Sunday, The Cure and wearing black

If I was a dog I would lay on the lawn
Drink out of a bowl and go on walks
I would have a master and wear a leash
Even though I'm a human I wish you'd do that to me

If I was a dog I might not have any dog friends
That would be a bummer but I would still have humans
To let me out, feed me and throw me a ball
Man it would be so fun to be a dog

If I was a dog I would lay on the lawn
Drink out of a bowl and go on walks
I would have a master and wear a leash
Even though I'm a human I wish you'd do that to me
Track Name: J.O.K.O.
Jerking of at 2 PM
5th time today I've done that shit
Hope I can pay the rent
All my money has been spent
Like my time on your bullshit

I come home from CVS
And I want to slit my wrists
Looking at a Cosmopolitan
Reading about summer sex tips
How to please your man while having the best orgasm

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to deal with you
And all the shit you put me through
Listening to you say I love you
When you won't touch me or let me touch you
What the hell am I supposed to do
Track Name: Mission Trip
In the shower looking at my friend's dick
Came here on a mission trip
This girl's telling me that she's not a virgin
And this hick is telling me about 50 Cent

Everyday he calls me a fucking faggot
Tells me about how he watches porn with his dad
And his mom brings him popcorn and a sandwich
Well hey man who's the faggot now?

The kid with the dick tells me about his dad's friend
Who died cause he covered his body in deodorant
Every square inch so he couldn't sweat
Died cause it was too hot at this kid's dad's wedding

That's a pretty bummer way to go
This girl said I grabbed her ass in the swimming pool
I told her I was sorry that I didn't mean to
And I really didn't I was just playing around

You're the bummer on the mission trip
Cause you can't play drums good in the praise and worship band
And all you wanna do is hook up with Sarah
Or maybe her friend