Talent Show

by Dylan Ewen

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Chris Geller: Bass (Track 1)
Olivia: Vocals (Track 3)
Matt Politoski: Vocals (Track 5)

Mixed by Matt Politoski
Mastered by Zach Weeks

Cover photo by Elle DioGuardi


released 24 August 2015



all rights reserved


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Dylan Ewen Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Babes On Parade
All the babes come
To see my band play
But only if the show's in
Jamaica Plain

Babes on parade
At the show in Jamaica Plain
Track Name: Your Favorite Band Is Nothing But A Chorus Pedal
Everyone just bums me out
I wanna be by myself
Like in my own hell or whatever

I don't really know what I'm saying
It's just popular to say it
Cause Teen Suicide is back together

The devil made a home inside my body
Vinyl is my hobby
Here's the URL for my new tumblr

W w dot Déjà Brand New fan dot com
Slash page one slash log off
Dot HTML, your blog is my jail
There's a demon inside my body so I'll become my own hell

Tell me how you're so depressed
Hate your shrink, failed your test
And feel like it's cool to be bipolar

How your mom is a bitch
All your childhood shit
And how it's not about who wins
It's about being there for each other

W w dot Déjà Brand New fan dot com
Slash page one slash log off
Dot HTML, your blog is my jail
There's a demon inside my body
Track Name: Boy Tears
I'm the best at making boys cry
Always been a pro
The only thing you gotta do
Is tell them no

They always wanna touch your thighs
And cop a little feel
But all you gotta do is turn to them
And ask them are you for real?

Boys aren't that hard to trick
They'll do whatever you ask
All you gotta do is promise them
A kiss and a little ass

Boy tears are fears for queers
They're afraid of their own feelings
Call them gay and they get mad
Without even thinking
Track Name: Video Paradise
Hanging out at video paradise

Everyone is hanging out with me
We're at the movie spot
They let me rent my movies for free
I've got the hookup

Hanging out at video paradise

Drop a movie off late and you get a fee
That's why I'm always on time
The guy at the counter smokes a lot of weed
He's always trying to get me to buy

But I don't smoke weed I just watch movies
No I don't smoke weed I just watch movies

Hanging out at video paradise
Track Name: Ziterella
I need to do something about my face
So I can get kissed by a babe
I'm gonna look so bad in this yearbook pic
If I don't find a way to get rid of this zit

I'm gonna get made fun of and have no friends
My social life is gonna end
I hope no one sees me buying this creme
I feel like such a fucking dweeb

I wish I looked like Cinderella
But now everyone's gonna call me Ziterella
Cause now I have this great big ugly mound
I'm never gonna live this one down

Took me till fourth period to see
That I look like a fucking freak
This is all coming on so fast
I don't think I have the courage to go back to class

Growing up is hard and now there's this
I never thought that I'd look like such shit