Giving Up

by Dylan Ewen

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Dylan Ewen: Electric Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Collin Pastore: Acoustic Guitar
Ryan Linvill: Saxaphone
Olivia Laratta: Background Vocals
Mona Maruyama: Background Vocals
Chris Geller: Drums, Bass
Simon Katz: Producer, Engineer
Joe Barnard: Cover Photo

BUFU Records 2014


released 22 July 2014



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Track Name: Fkuu Me
Fuck me I made a mistake
I feel like this happens almost everyday
Each week is just a string of disappointment
Obsession over regret and a lack of enjoyment


Fuck you, you let me down again
This feels just like all my other boyfriends
Each time it's just a string of disappointment
Stupid shit you said and sex I try to forget


I just hate myself man
Wondering where my head went
If I jumped in front of the subway
Would you be my friend?

Fuck this I feel so empty
Put a gun to my head pull the fucking trigger and kill me
Each moment is just a repeat of the last one
Anxiety attacks and fatalistic boredom

Track Name: I Forgot How To Have Fun
I feel just like giving up
The joy I once had is all gone
Days drag on like they're never gonna end
And I can't seem to connect with any of my friends
I wish someone would have told me
I would get this lonely

I am constantly on the edge
Kill myself now or wait a little bit
I just wanna know the day it's gonna end
Give me a calendar so I can fit it in
I've waited long enough
Now it's time to give up

I guess I'm just not having fun anymore
I told myself I'd never let it go this far
Last week I bought a pack of razorblades
Hoping I could cut down on a little of this pain
Now I'm intact but empty
I wish someone would help me

Don't you feel a little bad
Taking those blades out of my hand
I guess it was for the best
But I'm still bored and depressed

Let down again it's been this way my whole life
Why I was born I'll never know why
Some people know just how to have fun
Twenty years in and I've had none
I feel ripped off
But not that much